ZOLEO Inc. is a global messaging app focused on delivering affordable off-grid communication options for users that venture beyond cellphone coverage zones. A joint venture between Beam Communications Pty Ltd. and Roadpost Inc., ZOLEO combines Iridium® Short Burst Data® (SBD®) with cellular, and Wi-Fi® coverage to make safe text communication readily available at all times. Their flagship product – a compact device that links directly to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and a free app is the first of its kind to focus on the consumer market.

Coverage: USA, Canada, Australia.


  • Create a corporate identity and brand that connected with the market via digital web assets and print.
  • Launch an intuitive, easy-to-use website that offered individual and corporate accounts for managing/charging devices.
  • Develop a mobile application that natively promoted secure and easy instant messaging.
  • Highlight the main advantages of the device, its tariffs, and its cost-effective, user-friendly features.
  • Build clear and structured communication with potential users and corporate clients through the following channels:
    • Digital Spaces (social networks, marketplaces, online stores, etc.),
    • Physical Points of Sale,
    • Specialized Trade Shows and Exhibitions.

Our Solutions

Web Design

Prior to the launch of ZOLEO’s new website (www.zoleo.com), our UX and UI specialists analyzed the wireframes and made recommendations for ensuring everything was in line with the best modern practices. We helped optimize and improve the design of the artboard and the site (10+ pages).

View the finished site

Mobile App Design

To ensure that the ZOLEO App mobile application resonated with the brand’s target market, we designed main screens that incorporated the best modern practices and recommendations for UX and UI. We also designed a user-friendly tutorial screen and an animated splash screen (JSON).

View the ZOLEO App

IOS Android

Brand Book Finalization

While contributing to the new website and mobile app, we finalized ZOLEO’s brand book, developing consistent guidelines for the creation of future web assets and printed materials.

Physical Assets

To support ZOLEO’s launch, we designed and developed several physical assets to be used in retail chains, at points of sale, and in specialized exhibitions. These included theme-specific branding design variants for the ZOLEO exhibition stand, a constructive counter display, over 20 different types of printed materials (sales sheet, one sheet, brochures, brochure inserts, corporate gifts), and 2 key plots (winter and summer) plus accompanying materials for the North American promo.

Digital Assets

In addition to the website and mobile app, 360 designed a number of supporting materials for the digital space. This included the ZOLEO store page and ZOLEO product page on Amazon, 50+ visually pleasing web banners for usage on partner sites and online marketplaces, a social media brand guide, 10+ promotional videos, 10+ marketing letters for prospective users and corporate clients.

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